The Frontline Therapists team consists of professional therapists including Psychologists, Clinical Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, and Professional Clinical Counselors. Licensed professionals are preferred however exceptions may be made based on the review of your clinical experience and background with the approval of the clinical team.

We are looking for eager volunteers that want to help their nation
recover from the Artsakh war and to rebuild a better future for the youth!



Services are considered field based- in which the therapists will meet the client where they are at whether they are in a hospital setting, shelter, military base, community clinic or even in the home.

Volunteers should expect to serve at least 28-30 days, roughly 4 weeks, this is designed to provide enough time to integrate into the placement, build rapport, provide 8-10 sessions,

In order to further the education process, volunteers will be asked to give back to the Armenian therapeutic community in the following ways: provide supervision to interns, teach through shadowing experience, provide a training either individually or with panel on any topic of expertise.

Stipend Provided

We understand what a big decision it is to volunteer your time to support the Armenian
community, therefore Frontline Therapists is offering stipends to all volunteers coming into Armenia.

For those volunteers within Armenia, a monthly stipend will also be provided.


Basic cost of flight (you will be responsible for any upgrade to your flight)


Monthly cost of 1 bedroom apartment (you can use this allotment anyway you choose, including upgrading your living space)


Total amount includes daily average fare of about 5000 AMD


Total amount includes daily average of food and other living expenses

Contact us for Inquiries!

For inquiries regarding the organization and volunteer opportunities, contact:


    Frontline Therapists aims to provide volunteer based therapists to fill in the gaps of therapeutic services wherever needed, including hospital settings, military bases, villages, shelters and anywhere else the need may rise. While mental health services have been steadily increasing and the stigma towards accessing these services have been shifting in Armenia, the current level of service and capacity does not meet the needs of the Armenian community. With the support of volunteer therapists, we aim to support the Armenian therapeutic community to serve the people. Frontline Therapists also would like to be a beacon of resource, by providing trainings and supervisory opportunities for Armenian therapists as well as psychoeducation to the community as a whole with trauma informed education.