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Comprehensive Treatment Model:

Treatment model is a holistic approach to healing and wellness, clients will be assessed for needs upon intake to better understand other possible barriers which may be impacting their mental health or life in general.

Psychological evaluation will be conducted to identify any mental health disorders and determine if treatment is necessary. If the client agrees to treatment, then a treatment plan will be developed along with the client to determine goals that are objective and reachable.

Social Worker will identify and oversee other needs that may be impacting clients and connect to the appropriate provider/NGO that can further support their needs. They will help facilitate the linkages and monitor the growth/progress of these individuals.

Different seminars such as family development, healthy relationships, nutritional guidance, continued education, occupational dilemmas, etc. will be provided, clients can participate in those that fit their needs.

counseling services

Counseling services

psychiatric care

Psychiatric Care

social services

Social Services

alternative care

Alternative Care

education and training

Education & Training



The Frontline Therapist foundation is actively providing direct care services to those impacted by war in Armenia.

Places of service include:

  • Hospitals
  • Military bases
  • Outpatient clinics
  • In the field