About us

Frontline Therapists is a nonprofit organization designed to provide sustainable emergency mental health services to areas of need.

Created in the wake of the recent war in Artsakh, with thousands of Armenian soldiers experiencing unprecedented levels of trauma from the field, the need for abundant mental health services became evident. Frontline Therapists aims to provide volunteer based therapists to fill in the gaps of therapeutic services wherever needed, including hospital settings, military bases, villages, shelters and anywhere else the need may rise.

An Emergency Response Team

We aim to serve Armenian veterans with mental health treatment,
based in the field with trauma informed care.

Service Locations:

  • Hospitals
  • Military bases
  • Outpatient clinics
  • In the field

Our mission is to meet the needs of the soldiers regardless of their location.
This includes serving them in any city or village in Armenia.


Volunteer to provide direct care in Armenia.

We are accepting volunteer licensed psychotherapists including psychologists, clinical social workers,
marriage and family therapists, and professional clinical counselors.

Who Else Can Access Services Through Frontline?

  • Soldiers either currently serving or previously served
  • Military personnel
  • Family members of veterans
  • Those directly impacted by the recent war such as doctors, nurses, and other personnel who supported the service men during the war

Our History

Frontline Therapists is a non-profit organization founded in 2021 in the wake of the 44-day war with one mission in mind – to provide sustainable emergency mental health services to those affected by this life-altering event. Mental health and therapeutic services are scarce and substandard all throughout Armenia, and even more so in the communities and regions outside of Yerevan. Our team members have visited hospitals, military bases, homes, shelters , and villages bordering the affected regions to provide these mental health services. These services include individual therapy, group therapy sessions, and alternative therapy forms, such as art therapy and mindfulness and meditation practices. In addition to providing these services, we also aim to educate mental health professionals in the many regions of Armenia in order to equip them with the tools necessary to serve their respective communities.

Our Mission

To improve the emotional well-being of the people of Armenia by providing trauma-informed treatment to ex-combatants and any other people impacted by war, along with increasing education and awareness for professionals and the community at large.

As a nonprofit, Frontline Therapists works with its partners in the Armenian community to help address the operational challenges of the post-war crisis in terms of mental health and aftercare for ex-combatants. To promote understanding of mental health and PTSD, to encourage the economic and social development of veterans, and to preserve the human dignity and well-being of ex-combatants.

Our organization aims to fill in the gaps in therapeutic services all across Armenia by providing direct care and mental health education to the military, volunteer soldiers, family members of soldiers, as well as other professionals that were consequently impacted by the war.

We aim to serve Armenian veterans with mental health treatment, based in the field with trauma-informed care. Our mission is to meet the needs of the soldiers regardless of their location. This includes serving them in any city or village in Armenia.

our three main objectives

Mental Health:

Provide direct mental health services including consultation, evaluation, and individual and group therapy by licensed professionals (Psychologists, Clinical Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, Psychoanalysts, etc.) to soldiers impacted by combat.

Provide adjunct services such as alternative therapies to increase the comfort of treatment and reduction of stressful emotions. This includes for example art therapy and groups focused on mindfulness, expressive movement, meditation, and self-help.

Additional treatment needs, such as psychiatric evaluation or psychotropic medications, will be provided by partnering agencies.

Services, while directed primarily to impacted soldiers, will also be expanded to include others directly impacted by the war such as family members, parents of fallen soldiers or missing soldiers, military staff, professionals, etc.

Training and education:

Providing training throughout the year on various topics will increase the knowledge and preparedness of local professionals. Training will be provided in the office by licensed experts, free of charge.

Providing learning opportunities for psychology students and interns, including seminars, and practicum opportunities including individual and group interactions. As well as case consultations and supervision for local professionals.

Community Awareness and Self-Empowerment:

Developing informational content for the community at large to increase awareness and knowledge of mental health topics and symptoms. Created and spread through social media platforms.

Creating guides and tools to be used to increase self-awareness, develop self-regulation, and overall healthy coping tools. Format will be videos which will be available for free on social media platforms.

Presentation of the team

Arpe Asaturyan: Licenced psychotherapist, from Los Angeles (California), USA - CEO/Founder of Frontline Therapists

Arpe Asaturyan, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Psychotherapist, has been practicing throughout Los Angeles for over 10 years. With an MSW from USC she has worked with agencies to build and implement culturally appropriate services, managing multidisciplinary teams, and has been committed to reaching the underserved and vulnerable populations of Los Angeles. She has an established private practice with specialties in stress management, treating symptoms of anxiety, depression, grief and loss, postpartum disorders and serving the geriatric community.

During the 44-day war she volunteered to go to Armenia and provide treatment to those directly impacted by combat, this included the soldiers, their families, military personnel, hospital staff, and displaced individuals. This experience led her to create the nonprofit organization, Frontline Therapists, which aims to continue to provide comprehensive trauma-focused treatment to those impacted by the war, provide psychological training and educational opportunities, and overall improve the access and understanding of mental health services in Armenia.

The Frontline Therapists team consists of dedicated and compassionate people all ready to serve the Armenian community. As staff we currently have Aida Taroyan, Clinical Psychologist, Darya Jumel, Art Therapist, Kareen Nahabedian, Social Worker, Gayane Avagyan, Social Media Manager. We have had other wonderful staff and countless volunteers whose passion, knowledge, and expertise have been vital to the success of Frontline Therapists. We hope that our team continues to grow and we will continue to offer space for volunteer therapists and other experts to join us when they can.