The Frontline Therapists team consists of professional therapists including Psychologists, Clinical Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, and Professional Clinical Counselors. Licensed professionals are preferred however exceptions may be made based on the review of your clinical experience and background with the approval of the clinical team.



Services are considered field based- in which the therapists will meet the client where they are at whether they are in a hospital setting, shelter, military base, community clinic or even in the home.

Volunteers should expect to serve at least 28-30 days, roughly 4 weeks, this is designed to provide enough time to integrate into the placement, build rapport, provide 8-10 sessions,

In order to further the education process, volunteers will be asked to give back to the Armenian therapeutic community in the following ways: provide supervision to interns, teach through shadowing experience, provide a training either individually or with panel on any topic of expertise.

what we do?

Comprehensive treatment model:

Treatment model is a holistic approach to healing and wellness, clients will be assessed for needs upon intake to better understand other possible barriers which may be impacting their mental health or life in general.

Psychological evaluation will be conducted to identify any mental health disorders and determine if treatment is necessary. If the client agrees to treatment, then a treatment plan will be developed along with the client to determine goals that are objective and reachable.

Social Worker will identify and oversee other needs that may be impacting clients and connect to the appropriate provider/NGO that can further support their needs. They will help facilitate the linkages and monitor the growth/progress of these individuals.

Different seminars such as family development, healthy relationships, nutritional guidance, continued education, occupational dilemmas, etc. will be provided, clients can participate in those that fit their needs.


Village Project:

To increase mental health awareness and resources throughout Armenia in regions and villages outside of Yerevan by:

Providing large scale seminars increasing basic knowledge of mental health (for public)

Providing trainings for any psychologist or therapists identified in the community, to increase knowledge or provide support through supervision/mentoring/case consulting

Train community leaders in Psychological First Aid, to be equipped with knowledge on emergency response

Develop and provide resource list including tools to manage stress/negative emotions as well as list of local therapists or service providers

Virtual Reality Research Project:

Providing a new age intervention that will support emotional regulation through virtual mindfulness techniques, which will be guided by licensed therapists. This technology will be recreated to fit the Armenian community.

Develop technology that will support reducing trauma response through guided exposure therapy, that is specifically for this community- Armenian soldiers who were impacted by their experience in the 44-day war.

Reintegration program:

Focused on improving the mental health of combat veterans who have isolated from their community due to their trauma. This format uses social interaction, activities, and psychoeducation to develop connection and wellness.

The group consists of about 10 ex-combatants, who start together in a 8 week journey that will take them to different locations and activities, challenging their current mental status to develop healthier relationships with themselves and others.

Community partners will provide different activities such as sports interaction (boxing, basketball), art expression, gardening, music development, and such to create unique opportunities our participants can engage in.

Stipend Provided

We understand what a big decision it is to volunteer your time to support the Armenian
community, therefore Frontline Therapists is offering stipends to all volunteers coming into Armenia.

For those volunteers within Armenia, a monthly stipend will also be provided.


Basic cost of flight (you will be responsible for any upgrade to your flight)


Monthly cost of 1 bedroom apartment (you can use this allotment anyway you choose, including upgrading your living space)


Total amount includes daily average fare of about 5000 AMD


Total amount includes daily average of food and other living expenses


The Frontline Therapist foundation is actively providing direct care services to those impacted by the Artsakh war.

Places of service include:

  • Hospitals
  • Military bases
  • Outpatient clinics
  • In the field